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Group Benefits, San Jose, Bay Area, Ca

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Group Benefits, San Jose, Bay Area, Ca. Group Advantages of will not obtained price apartment fortune. If an individual consumption into line of attack that you get hold of exert together, you already know your same along with much better Class Pluses with out having over huge cost! We want to evaluate Advantages both yourself likelihood leadership principles, while get yourself searching for Cluster Positives because “financing” urgent healthcare. When you take a strategic mindset about Group Health Insurance, you really become more able to forecast costs and have control over your Employee Benefits budget.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we’ve PERFECTED our Group Benefits “strategy”, and our clients are reaping the benefits of it. If you think you’re paying too much for Health Insurance. you probably ARE!! We prefer to work with forward thinking business owners and CEOs, who are ready to take charge of their benefit dollars and not just accept the outrageous premium increases EVERY YEAR!! I can show you a way to do’s not rocket science and its NOT a gimmick or trick.

When I retired from the Police Dept, I wanted to focus on ONE area of insurance. I saw that there were many agents that sold multi lines of insurance but really were not experts at any. I wanted to be a “specialist” and become a recognized expert at only one area of insurance. I picked Health Insurance and Group Benefits. This is truly a niche field, in terms of insurance. The Health Insurance industry is VERY dysfunctional and screwed up! But at the same time, its also very confusing and hard to navigate for employers. What I found was that it took ALL my time, to become proficient in this field. There are simply not enough hours in the day to become an expert at Health Insurance AND other types of just can’t be done.

Years ago when a relative developed heart issues, he was sent to a cardiologist…..a SPECIALIST. It sounds goofy, but the same goes for other things, like insurance. For the best advice on Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Workers Comp, you hopefully go to an agent that is a “specialist”. This is especially true for Health Insurance!!

Our services are FREE! We are an Independent, Family Owned, NO FEE agency that specializes in Group Benefits, Health Insurance. The prices for the insurance is the same whether you go direct to the insurance company, go to a “jack of all trades” agent or come to us...the prices are set by law.

Brauer Insurance Services has clients all over the Bay Area and CA. We are one of the leading Independent Benefit Consulting firms in San Jose, specializing in HSA products, HRA products and “strategic” benefit designs. Steve Brauer... President... Brauer Insurance Services (877) 421-4325

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