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Cobra Health Insurance

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Cobra Insurance too expensive? Cobra premiums through the roof? Cobra is WAY too expensive in most cases. Employees does render a huge companionship that are actually having to pay along with a large amount of if ever not considered all, towards his or her own Personnel Health and well being Insurance. Some of the person elects to help rent around associated Perfectly being Insurance protection (COBRA), following connected big surprise comes in including send out dealing with 1 month later. The Employee Health Insurance for the employee and their family can be upwards to $2000 a month, or more!

There MAY be a better solution. You can get Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance for a FRACTION of what COBRA costs. Here’s the catch; you have to be able to “qualify” for the Individual or Family Health Insurance, meaning if you have pre-existing conditions you may be denied coverage. But hey, its worth a try! Here’s something else to think about; if you have kids, they CANNOT BE DENIED health insurance. So worse case scenario, you and your spouse can go onto COBRA if there are pre-ex conditions and your kids can obtain Individual Health Insurance. Most times kids can get coverage for less than $100 a month, so you’ve knocked your COBRA bill down by several hundred a month, no doubt, by putting them on their own insurance.

Call us and we can strategize a plan for you and your family. It is VERY easy to put together and we can save you some SERIOUS money each month. Adults... I can get you a really good Blue Shield plan, for example for anywhere from $100-$200 a month…sometimes less. Even email me if you don’t want to talk to anyone and I can send you a quote. I promise not to call you (unless you want) and we can do everything over email. I’m an INDEPENDENT agent and can shop ALL the insurance companies for the best deal for you. Health Insurance is a “necessary evil”……but we all need it, in some form. I’m a retired cop, I won’t screw you over. This is my second career and some might call it a “hobby”….but I do love it!Take care!!

Steve Brauer, Brauer Insurance Services, 3150 Almaden Expwy, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118 (408) 421-5555, (877) 421-4325

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